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jay | cis female | pan

If I do not tag spoilers for a particular fandom please tell me and I shall do so!

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This wasn’t actually Jade but I edited it so now it is ok? ok

for artisticice! sorry if my handwriting is super hard to read omg i should’ve typed it

the finished product is here!!!

i cant decide on a favorite character for this anime, but haruki is super cool yo o:

tutorial that accompanies this is here!


First Palette challenge, done! Pang Tong from Dynasty Warriors 7. 

Shit, I /just/ realized I should’ve done Pang Tong from DW 8… considering the palette number…

I still might take one or two more challenges for anyone who hasn’t submitted yet!



say those three words and i’m yours

neon genesis evangelion



League of Legends - Dino Gnar